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I use my many years of management experience at the international level primarily in the areas of business development, change management, process improvements, and finance and controlling.

My extensive experience in post-merger integrations, restructurings or critical business situations is of great benefit to me. In addition, it is of course the in-depth expertise in creating and strengthening the relevant functions as well as the leadership experience in the OEM business at international automotive suppliers and high-tech companies that I bring to the customer projects.


It is not easy to describe yourself – anyway I’ll try it: I’ll try anyway. In my head, I am a controller. I think in numbers, in contexts, I analyze, I ensure transparency and clarity.


On the other hand, I am a communicator and motivator. I am a team player and like to lead the way. I have a high affinity for processes and technology, and I manage to bring my colleagues along with me. This is how we achieve the goals together.

I am a manager with the heart for business and people.

Line functions

2014 - 2018

Yazaki Europe Ltd. / Wolfsburg and Ingolstadt
Head of Business Unit VW Group Passenger cars
Member of the Executive Management of Yazaki Europe Ltd.

Yazaki Europe Italy s.r.l. Torino
Head of Business Unit FCA (Fiat Chrysler) EMEA
Sole Managing Director of YAZAKI Italy SpA / Torino – Italy

  • Portfolio analysis, re-creation and implementation of the customer strategy
  • Customer negotiations of result-critical products/projects
  • Reorganization, realignment and strengthening of the business unit (increase independence)
  • Establishment of product and KPI-based operations controlling
  • Production responsibility Russia, Ukraine and India (VW/Audi) or Poland, Tunisia and Turkey (FCA)
  • Stabilization and improvement of the customer relationship in the global network
  • Adjustment of product portfolio – differentiation/differentiation from competitors
  • Design, implementation and execution of result-improving measures within the turnaround (focus on customer call-offs and production throughput)
  • Controlling and reporting served as blueprint for YAZAKI Europe
  • EBIT breakeven reached in May 2016 (FCA)

2013 - 2014

Grammer AG, Amberg
Commercial Manager in the Product Market Segments (PMS)
“Truck, Bus and Railway” and “Headrest

  • Definition, agreement and implementation of improvement measures
  • Creation and tracking of a product income statement within PMS.
  • Introduction of global and uniform business accounts
  • Strengthening the sales organization in the area of customer negotiations
  • Improving results for projects that are critical to results
  • Optimization of reporting to become a meaningful decision-making tool
  • Design, negotiation and implementation of result-improving measures

2008 - 2011

Becromal S.p.A, Milan / Italy
(today: part of the TDK EPC Group)
Chief Financial Officer Becromal Group

  • Successful integration of a family-owned company, the Becromal Group, into EPCOS AG (now part of TDK -EPC)
  • Consolidation into the TDK-EPC Group: International, Japanese electronics group; securing and expanding the strengths of the Becromal Group into a multinational group while retaining its independence
  • Active product portfolio – management. Elimination of loss-makers and focus on core business
  • Restructuring project in Norway with subsequent relocation of production to Iceland as responsible managing director
  • Interface with Icelandic financial investor and banking consortium in Italy
  • Strengthening the earnings situation through the introduction of active cost management
  • Cash flow: installation and optimization of long-term contracts
  • Preparation / concept development for the implementation of SAP R/3

1987 - 2008

Siemens VDO Automotive

  • Business Administrator Power Train Electronics, Regensburg
  • Commercial Segment Manager Babenhausen
  • Senior Auditor, Schwalbach
  • Commissioner Commercial Management (Acting CFO)
  • Various positions in accounting, controlling and project management
  • Commercial training as industrial clerk

Memberships & Networks

DDIM – Dachgesellschaft Deutsches Interim Management e.V.

DDIM is the leading industry representation for professional interim management in Germany. The main tasks of the professional and business association are the protection of the economic interests of its members and the sustainable promotion of interim management in Germany. DDIM defines professional standards, promotes quality assurance and supports the transfer of knowledge among its members. Membership in the umbrella organization is considered proof of high quality and competence in interim management.

More information at www.ddim.de

International Controller Association

The International Controller Association was founded as the first controller association in 1975 by graduates of the Controller Academy in Gauting/Munich. With its honorary chairman Dr. Dr. h.c. Albrecht Deyhle, the association has shaped controlling in the German-speaking world and set standards. ICV now has over 6,000 personal members in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and eleven other countries in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as individual members around the world. In addition, there are more than 200 corporate members. The ICV is the international address for controlling expertise.

More information at www.icv-controlling.com

Interactive Interim Network e.V.

The Interactive Interim Network e.V. is an association of independent interim managers. The Interim Network offers interim managers and cooperation partners a platform for constructive cooperation and professional as well as human exchange. Knowledge transfer, mutual support and joint market access are the action goals of the interactive network. The interim association creates added value through collaboration.

More information at www.interactive-interim.com

John Elkan (CEO EXOR / Holding of FIAT Chrysler) with our Resident Engineers at the FIAT plant Melfi / Italy
The dream of a company car: A Maserati Gran Tourismo - in front of my apartment in downtown Turin - unfortunately it remained a dream
Together with 2 project managers (Luca Enriotti and Luca Cocitto) at dinner during the strategy meeting in the USA
Piazza San Carlo / Turin - right in front of my place to stay in Turin

"Italy did it for me."

My path to Italy already began during my time at Siemens Automotive. We were a colorful and active team, a lot of new things were tried out and young people were given the opportunity to take on responsibility at an early stage. This is how it happened with me. I was asked if I wanted to become head of controlling and closing in PISA. “Well, you could do worse,” I thought to myself. And so I took off for Italy.

That was a great time. On the one hand, of course, the content. They were tasks that you could grow from – and you had to. On the other hand, there was the “new” life in Italy. The start, at that time still without Italian language skills, was “intense”. But then the thing that made it easy was the people. And that was then also the key to success: You can only ever design with people. And this is even more true for the Italians.

Foreign assignments at Siemens, now SIEMENS VDO, were limited in time and at some point it was back to “Ciao bella ciao …” – at least “for a while”. I then let myself drift a bit and gained experience in other countries and subjects.

Then came interim management. And there, the entry was similarly fast. A call from the former Chairman of the Supervisory Board of EPCOS AG; he wanted to meet me. He invites me to Italy for a “taster week” – and with a slight delay I was CFO of a minority shareholding in Milan.

In the meantime, there were several missions in “bella Italia”. I have worked in many countries, but Italy has done it for me. And if I were allowed to choose a new mandate, my place of action would probably be there again.

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